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            Head Office:
          Add:Wuda Industrial Park,
          Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia China
          Tianjin Marketing Center:
          Add:Yang north road jingjintang highway bridge on the east side,Wuqing District,TianJin China
                 Company Advantages

          High-quality  Low-cost
          Our enterprise located in Wuda industrial park of inner mongolia.this place is rich in resources of coal chemical engineering ,salt chemical engineering such as limestone, silica, pyrite etc and water resource within 100 kilometres.these all created high quality,low cost and high efficiency environment for purchase of raw materials.we have over 20 scientific research staffs,more than 80% has materís undergraduate degree.Always adhere to the production,study and research combined with the actual.committed to improve the skill level of the whole company.our company respond to nation called on energy conservation and emissions reduction,adopted the advanced environmental protection equipment,contribute to creating a harmonious society.

          Geographical advantage
          Wuda industrial park is a provincial development zone approved by the Inner Mongolia autonomous region government in 1998.Convenient transportation,run through baotou-lanzhou railway,beijing-lanzhou railway,G109 highway, G110 highway,Ningxia farmers land ports run in May 2010 also.18 border crossings in Inner Mongolia.From Hohhot to Frankfurt of Germany, the multinational railway container freight trains was open.The civil aviation airport was opened also.Wuhai customs was established in 2014.assume the wuhai and hohhot customs operations.

          Transportation Express
          Our company take Inner mongolia wuhai factory and tianjin sales center for goods storge.Sales center is located in wuqing,Tianjin. close to transport,links and near by  many highway such as Beijing-tianjin-tangshan, beijing-shanghai, beijing-baoding.have a railway passenger dedicated line from beijing to tianjin.Otherwise  have more national trunk such as tianjin-weichang,beijing-tianjin,beijing-fuzhou.sales center is 25km far away from tianjin airport,75km from tianjin port,95km from beijing.
          Otherwise,our company have long-term cooperation with transport fleet,according to customer requirements of the goods in a timely manner,fast and safe delivery.

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